Bring back sports ⚽️🏑

Truth be told I hate driving to and from sports. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my kids play but sometimes driving an hour here or there is not what I want to do on our family weekend.

WHAM 🦠COVID hit…turned us upside down and shook us all around. Couldn’t wait to get off that damn roller coaster!🎢

NOW I’d gladly drive anytime, anyplace, any day with a million kids in the back of the truck kicking the seats 💺 with cleats on. 🤣

A BIG thank you to @vobsoccer for organizing a safe way for our kids to get back on the field! It truly takes a village to raise a child. This mama is so blessed to be a part of this amazing village.

@vobsoccer Teaches her patience, problem solving, boosts self esteem, reduces stress, and helps her academically. The bonds she has formed between players and their families is amazing.

All smiles even in the heat..someone was thrilled to see her teammates @vobsoccer ⚽️