Slimming Stripes

Slimming stripes, yes, please. Sometimes stripes can me look like I’m wearing a circus tent…ummmm not a good look! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on. Instantly took 5 pounds off, that’s a win in my book!

This dress is so comfortable and versatile, wear alone or with a blazer. Perfect piece that will bring you from winter to spring. Come on who doesn’t love a dress that takes a few pounds off and has endless possibilities?

Shop by clicking link below.

Cheers to 2018

Cheers 🥂 to a fabulous 2018!

I am so thankful to my amazing family and friends who love and support me each and every single day!

Wishing you all endless love, laughter and happiness in 2019!


Cyber Monday Deals

Luckily my nice list is long but that’s not helping my wallet. I am hoping Cyber Monday deals will help me accomplish my nice list. Below are some of the best sites for your Cyber Monday deals.

Now you can check off your list and check it twice. Amazing deals will help a little money to go a long way. Click on my link for some amazing deals for everyone on your nice list this holiday season.

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Let’s Get Glossy !


Everyone needs a fabulous gloss!  LOOK no more!  Amazing quality, long-lasting, NOT sticky…BONUS alert… all 3 glosses come with adorable bag. What more could a girl want??  My colors are “Bright On”  its also available in “Nude Mood” (which I am ordering now)

Bloomingdale’s is offering DOUBLE POINTS and if you order $150 in beauty you save $15! Macy’s is offering FREE stainless steel water bottle with $65 purchase.|BOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26spc%3D28%26rsid%3Dundefined%26pn%3D1|0|10|28