Power of Prayer

Do you believe in power of prayer? I never viewed myself as an extremely religious individual. I do pray and I feel better when I speak it out loud, I know God is listening. My mom always told us you don’t have to be in church to pray, God is always listening. (Probably because we were always late to church…always! Lol sorry mom!)

I was raised catholic, went to church every Sunday, said my prayers, lived my life knowing God has a greater plan.

Sometimes I didn’t understand that plan. Like when my mom passed. When my mom knew she was dying, she told me not to be mad at God, she was ready and didn’t want to be in pain anymore. She promised she’d always be with us and watch over us.

But I was mad, upset and confused. I needed her, it was to soon for her to go. Eve was 5, Addison was 2 they didn’t get to experience the best parts of Meme. But I picked up the pieces of myself and continued. Poured myself into the ones I loved, and kept my moms spirt alive though stories and love.

Take care of daddy was one of the last things my mom said. I have done just that and will continue to in every way I can.

One way I take care of my dad is to pray for him always. So now I ask for you to pray that my dad will continue to grow stronger and get better.

Even if you don’t pray, please send some positive thoughts his way. ❤️