Fall Craft

🍂take a peek at my fall craft 🍁

Please laugh at the 2nd video…I did !🤣

Can you tell I couldn’t decide what to call my creation? 🤔 💭 Garland, Swag, Fall Garland, Autumn Garland, Mantel Garland, Fall Decoration, Mantle Decor, Mantle Decoration, Burlap Garland, Fireplace Swag so many possibilities….I had to pause to figure it out. 🤪

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The only hair tool you need!

This hot brush is a life saver! Ladies, we all have a drawer full of hair tools. If you’re like me, some of them you have only used one or two times. I will tell you I have tried many different brands from high end to drug store. This tool wins the award in my book.

Since I purchased mine, I have used it everyday this week. Two reasons I love it-it’s easy to use and has multiple functions. You can curl or straighten your hair quickly and easily with this hot brush. The price point will not break the bank which is a win in my book!

Check out my quick video on how to use this awesome tool. I’m also adding a photo of the finished product. I hope this tool makes your morning routine a little easier!

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The 411 On Pleats

To pleat for not to pleat that is the question? Pleats have been making a come back. I am seeing more and more pleats in tops, skirts, dresses and pants. My favorite new pleated item is this top-figure flattering and kept me cool on a hot day. Since pleats provide more room the fabric doesn’t cling to your body, instant air conditioning!

Pleats in pants are tricky! If the pants have two or more in the front close to the zipper that is a no go in my book. I don’t find it figure flattering. If the pleats are further out and closer to the hips that style takes off a few pounds. Who doesn’t want to look thinner?

I prefer one type of pleat to the other. You might be asking yourself, “Their are more then one kind of pleat?” The answer is yes, forward and reverse pleats. The forward pleat is pointing towards the fly, which is typical of English tailoring. The reverse pleat is folded towards the pockets, which is typical of Italian tailors. Personally, I like the reverse pleat, I feel it looks neater and flattering.

So take the plunge and grab your pleated top today. This beautiful top is on sale. Perfect for those hot August days. You can also wear this top in the fall with a blazer over it to extend its wearability!

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Sunshine on my shoulders

I love shoulder baring tops on anything- rompers, dresses, jumpsuits, etc.  This trend is one of my favorites. Off the shoulder looks are so versatile. It can be dressy or casual. Today I paired this top with white jeans. But the next time I wear this gorgeous top I will completely change the look with a denim skirt.

Another trend I’m loving right now is halter bras.  There are so many beautiful halter bras that you can coordinate with the off the shoulder look. Personally, I hate strapless bras so when I found this halter bra that matched, it was a home run!

I’d love to hear from YOU. Do you love the off the shoulder trend? What do you wear with your off the shoulder top, romper, dress or jumpsuit?

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Girls Get Away

Sometimes you need to find time to get away from it all, and spend time with your girlfriends. It’s important to remember who you are. The “you” before all those wonderful life changing events happened, like marriage and children. Even if it’s for a day or two, it’s important to have healthy relationships outside of your marriage.

That being said-my husband is my best friend as I’m sure many of you reading this who are married will say the same. My husband is the first person I run to with good or bad news- the one I trust unconditionally with everything that’s important in my world. BUT it’s wonderful to just hang out with my girlfriends.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing dinner where I’m not cutting anyone’s food. A hot meal when I don’t have to take anyone to the bathroom as soon as my food hits the table which is the way it usually happens. A relaxing spa day that’s just about taking time for myself to regroup, relax, and appreciate life.

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