Technology Love

So clearly many people have cell phones. But I never really understood the Apple Watch phenomenon. Now that I took the plunge, I’m addicted. I’m still learning all the amazing features but I love it for work.

Being a teacher, many of my students have to leave the classroom at different times each day. Now that I’ve added alerts, I’m reminded so I can remind the student. It’s a win, win! Everyone is on time! No more running to my plan book to check who goes where and when. No more phone calls asking if the student is on their way.

I’m also obsessed with the fitness app. I love being able to track my workouts all in one spot. When working out I always “think” I’m crushing it, but knowing my heart rate is keeping me honest. Now I’m achieving my fitness goals and holding myself accountable.

If you are reading this and you have an Apple watch please tell me your favorite feature. Also this is my new amazing watch band. Let me know about your favorite band.

If you love my band check out the Etsy shop. I linked the shop below. I am not affiliated with this shop in anyway. Huge shoutout to this Etsy owner and the stellar quality of my watch band.

Slimming Stripes

Slimming stripes, yes, please. Sometimes stripes can me look like I’m wearing a circus tent…ummmm not a good look! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on. Instantly took 5 pounds off, that’s a win in my book!

This dress is so comfortable and versatile, wear alone or with a blazer. Perfect piece that will bring you from winter to spring. Come on who doesn’t love a dress that takes a few pounds off and has endless possibilities?

Shop by clicking link below.

Couldn’t wait for this week to end!

Friday & these 👢boots=what I’m thankful for this week! 🤣

OMG this week was a bear 🐻

I just couldn’t get it together. No matter how hard I tried. Oh well next week will be better! 🤞 :

I apologize for lack of posts and this picture with my head cut off…pretty much sums my week up! :

I linked these boots, now on sale! My color is out but still available in other colors. Check out the price 🤗

Happy Friday Friends! 😘❤️

Cheers to 2018

Cheers 🥂 to a fabulous 2018!

I am so thankful to my amazing family and friends who love and support me each and every single day!

Wishing you all endless love, laughter and happiness in 2019!


Who Matters Most

Do you ever feel life is just on fast forward? I certainly do. The outside pressure to start another holiday before another is complete adds more stress. We rush so much in our daily lives to get “things” accomplished- to cram it all in during a short period of time.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We allow the society to pick away at what is really important. It’s not how beautiful your house is decorated, how many holiday events you’ll be attending, the presents you’ll give or receive, or the bargains you will obtain. In my humble opinion, what is important, is who I fill my life with, the people and the love we share.

We need to learn to slow down. Take time to treasure our loved ones. This time of year always pulls my heart to the sky. Thoughts of my mom and how she advised me to stop, enjoy life and always put the “who matters”, not the “what matters” into the forefront of life. Push down caring “what” others think and how they judge. Sounds simple but really pause a moment to think about that statement.

We often spend a large chunk of our time worrying about what others will think. Instead we need to focus on the “who” that fill our lives. If I could lend a small bit of advice for whomever is reading, please remember the holidays are about who you fill your life with and how we impact one another.

During the hustle of the holidays… breathe, enjoy, pause, and love the people who matter most. Take away the pressure of perfection. If those people matter to you, then surely you matter to them. We can all agree that love and time together will forever be paramount over material items.