Wear your love

When you lose someone it’s hard to know if, “Every little thing is gonna to be alright.”

Loss is an indescribable ache inside your soul. Seeing that pain in the family left behind~crushing.

My mom was my father’s navigator through the calm and dark waters of life. Besides being my “mom” she also took care of our daughter when we were at work. Forming a very special unbreakable union.

Finding strength we didn’t know we had, we all became even more bonded. Feeling that bond helped heal us all in ways we didn’t know we needed.

These two have a love and a bond that has grown even stronger ~they are forever anchored together.

For her 16th birthday, this gift was the kind of special I was looking for.

Remember the days of view finder? This necklace is just like that. Pick your picture for this unique gift, hold up to the light 💡 to reveal a beautiful photo.

coupon code below ❤️


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