Cheers Mask Free

Cheers to the most relaxing holiday season ever!
I’m feeling zero stress these days. Chilling and relaxing wearing this jumpsuit, so soft and 50% off, comes in 3 buttery soft colors. I’ve worn this with heels and with sneakers. I love a multi function piece.

Having a break from wearing a mask while teaching is exactly what I needed. I have to be honest and say many days I feel like I’m being smothered.

So cheers to a mask free week at home for me. Breathing in fresh air and breathing out all the negative bullshit of 2020.

Jumpsuit runs large so size down. Hey, did you know that you can shop your screenshot of this pic with the shopping app #liketkit #jumpsuit #holidayseason2020 #relaxing #dontmissanything #dontmissasale #cheerstolife #nomasksneeded #reallifeandstyle @express @chanelofficial #chanelnecklace #chanelpearlnecklace @kingofchristmas #swarovski

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