Snow Day?

A chance of a snow day you say??

YAY 🎉 all the teachers 👩‍🏫 immediately change tonight’s homework! Kiddos please place a spoon 🥄 under your pillow, wear backward and inside out pajamas, add an ice cube to the toilet 🚽 , and any other crazy superstition we can assign.

Snow ⛄️ days will still be snow days in the district I teach in. Many other districts have changed them to virtual learning days *sigh* 🥺

Kids still need to be kids!! The joy and excitement of an unplanned day off. Waking up to a snow-covered winter ❄️ wonderland. Knowing that the hardest part of your day will be building a snowman! ⛄️

Hooray to the districts who voted for JOY over an extra day of learning through a computer! 👩🏼‍💻🙄

What snow day superstitions do you all do?? What are your districts planning for snow days?

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