Who’s perfect anyway?

Took a long pause before posting this picture. When I first started blogging I was obsessed with the “perfect” picture. 📸

•checking the background (push all the crap 💩 out of the way)

•no wrinkles in my outfit (the steamer was my bff I don’t iron..like EVER)

•how my skin looked (getting older is a bumpy road)

•the angle of my body (I always felt like I looked huge in pictures)

•Many times all of the above ⬆️ kept me from posting a picture. Worried about what people would say or 🤔 think.

•I’ve learned to embrace my own crazy and imperfections. 😜 I’m not perfect so my pictures won’t always be either!

•I am strong, determined and honest. Strong in body and mind to take what the world 🌎 throws at me. Determined to be the best mama, wifey, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, blogger that I can be. Honest to ALL who are a part of my world. So that’s MY “perfect”.

What’s your version of “perfect”?

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2 thoughts on “Who’s perfect anyway?”

  1. Wait…what background. Is there a background. Everything this I see is absolutely perfect…just saying.

    “Adequate is NOT good enough”


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