How to spend your money

“Spend your money wisely, you work hard to earn it.”Words from my mama they stuck with me. After months of reading, research📝 listening 👂 and talking with friends who own spin bikes, I finally found the bike for me. 🥳

👀Read on if you want to learn more. I linked my exact bike at the bottom.

IF you decide to take my advice PLEASE use my link.
I ❤️ to share my knowledge, sales and research BUT I do receive a small amount 🤑when YOU use MY link. It also helps me build my followers. 🗣Full disclosure I am NOT🚫 working with this bike company they did not ask me to promote this bike.

•here we go🚴🏻•

*Magnetic OR Friction * Magnetic resistance provide more consistent resistance and a greater ability to adjust resistance level overall. Magnetic resistance systems are ideal for high-speed workouts and are quieter then friction bikes. Friction bikes use pads over time they wear out and need to be replaced resulting in spending more money!

Flywheel of 40 lbs. or higher is the combination of momentum and resistance you can generate during your workout. This allows for a more realistic feeling of traveling ⛰uphill. Most spin bikes have a flywheel from 30-55 pounds. If the flywheel is light it lacks the stability to create the proper cycling stroke and cadence so the heavier the flywheel, the longer and smoother the spin on the bike.

The belt or chain is attached to the pedals, which is connected to the flywheel. When you push on the pedals, the motion is transferred through the belt/chain to the flywheel, which creates the spin. Research states that belts are more durable and create a smoother pedaling stroke. The sound of a chain (which some people like) is closer matched to a road bike.

MY 🚲bike…magnetic, 40 lb flywheel on a belt! Click on MY link… ONLY $350 right NOW offering a $20 off coupon!!! You won’t regret this purchase!

IF you read to the bottom I hope I helped you make an educated decision. 🤗

🌟Tomorrow’s post🌟 is about the app I picked.

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