Technology Love

So clearly many people have cell phones. But I never really understood the Apple Watch phenomenon. Now that I took the plunge, I’m addicted. I’m still learning all the amazing features but I love it for work.

Being a teacher, many of my students have to leave the classroom at different times each day. Now that I’ve added alerts, I’m reminded so I can remind the student. It’s a win, win! Everyone is on time! No more running to my plan book to check who goes where and when. No more phone calls asking if the student is on their way.

I’m also obsessed with the fitness app. I love being able to track my workouts all in one spot. When working out I always “think” I’m crushing it, but knowing my heart rate is keeping me honest. Now I’m achieving my fitness goals and holding myself accountable.

If you are reading this and you have an Apple watch please tell me your favorite feature. Also this is my new amazing watch band. Let me know about your favorite band.

If you love my band check out the Etsy shop. I linked the shop below. I am not affiliated with this shop in anyway. Huge shoutout to this Etsy owner and the stellar quality of my watch band.

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