The 411 On Pleats

To pleat for not to pleat that is the question? Pleats have been making a come back. I am seeing more and more pleats in tops, skirts, dresses and pants. My favorite new pleated item is this top-figure flattering and kept me cool on a hot day. Since pleats provide more room the fabric doesn’t cling to your body, instant air conditioning!

Pleats in pants are tricky! If the pants have two or more in the front close to the zipper that is a no go in my book. I don’t find it figure flattering. If the pleats are further out and closer to the hips that style takes off a few pounds. Who doesn’t want to look thinner?

I prefer one type of pleat to the other. You might be asking yourself, “Their are more then one kind of pleat?” The answer is yes, forward and reverse pleats. The forward pleat is pointing towards the fly, which is typical of English tailoring. The reverse pleat is folded towards the pockets, which is typical of Italian tailors. Personally, I like the reverse pleat, I feel it looks neater and flattering.

So take the plunge and grab your pleated top today. This beautiful top is on sale. Perfect for those hot August days. You can also wear this top in the fall with a blazer over it to extend its wearability!

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