Make the bed or just skip it?

Are you the kind of person who needs to make the bed and tidy up before you leave your home for the day? Or are you the opposite…do you run out the door leaving the bed unmade and the house a hot mess? I am a product of my upbringing, as so many of us are.  If we wanted to be one way or the other, the choice wasn’t truly ours to make.

My mom’s motto was: you never know who might stop by. As a child and teenager I always thought to myself, “So if someone stops by unannounced then they get what they get.” I couldn’t ever wrap my mind around why we’d all be making our beds, bringing our laundry down, loading the dishwasher and straightening up right before we needed to walk out the door.

My mom was famous among family and friends for always running late. It was a joke-no one would ever tell my mom the correct time to arrive. We always added 30 minutes  prior to any destination. This little trick worked like a charm until my mom finally figured us out. Luckily, my mom had an excellent sense of humor.

So what makes you tick?? I’m the girl who’s cleaning right before we are walking out the door. Although I may be late (sometimes), I’d like to say it’s not as often as my mom was late! How do you start off each day before leaving your home? Comment below.  I’d love to hear back from you!

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