I See You

Starting my first official not have to get up crazy early day of my vacation. My youngest daughter wants to have pancakes. She proceeds to start mixing everything, putting everything together and then realizes we have no eggs!   I’m not embarrassed to say I’m currently still in my pajamas when this realization happens. Therefore, I’m not running to the grocery store in my pajamas nor do I have any desire to rush to get ready when we already have a plethora of other breakfast items.

My older daughter decides to save the day or better yet save breakfast and offers to ride her bike to go pick up eggs. Before you think I’m a horrible mom, we literally live about a five minute walk to town or a two minute bike ride. In my mind I think perfect, win win, she’s going to get some exercise, we will get eggs, everyone can have pancakes.  It will be bliss!

Silly me! So I tell my younger daughter to go upstairs and make her sister’s bed and she will get eggs. My younger daughter looks at me like this is the stupidest idea she’s ever heard. So I tell my older daughter to forget the idea and thanks anyway. I start putting everything away, and the final piece of the puzzle clicks. My younger daughter does a 360 and realizes that this is the deal of the century. Looks at her sister, thanks her for going to get the eggs and walks upstairs to make her sister’s bed. Yay, one small victory about teaching my kids kindness.

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