Pretty in Pink

Loft pink fizz

This hat helps hide the look on my face when my husband asks me what I bought. I quickly reply, not much and everything was on sale. Well….part of that is true, it was all on sale!  My husband always jokes and says the sales aren’t just for me, when we receive a flyer or an email, he explains it isn’t a personal invitation. Oh well, at least I am a bargain hunter.

This picture was taken when I had my after hours private Loft party. It was a spectacular event and we all had so many laughs. The staff at Loft in Stony Brook was fantastic. They offered all my guests wonderful discounts, snacks and plenty of fashionable finds. I just loved shopping with about 40 of my friends. If you missed the event, don’t worry you can always come next time.

Click on my link for direct access to my outfit. This top is just beautiful; it also looks adorable with chambray shorts. The attention to detail is unreal, the smocked top and cuffs accented with the softest little ruffle are not overwhelming, they are just right. I paired with my white jeans and Rockstud dupes. The grand finale, is my perfect wide brim hat!

2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink”

  1. You look Fabulous! Love the whole outfit including the hat and shoes! Had so much fun shopping together! Got some great buys myself! Looking forward to the next one! Xoxxoxo💗💗💗 Cathy

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