The smell of summer


smelling flowers

Taking some time to smell the flowers this weekend gave me a taste of what summer has to offer. I say bring on the lazy, hazy relaxed days of summer. They are so close I can see them on the horizon. While I absolutely, positively love my job with my whole heart, I truly love the time I get to spend with my own children.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs. The look of pure joy on a child’s face when they succeed at a task is just one of the many gifts a teacher treasures. As the year comes to a close and students run off to hang out with their friends, swim, go to the beach, ride their bikes, and giggle with their friends, I know they feel a sense of accomplishment.

I am sure as adults we can all agree school is much harder then it was when we were kids. The amount my students learn in ten months is nothing short of amazing. Parents play a large role at home. Without their support school would be an even greater challenge. So thank you, to all of the parents out there.  Your support is appreciated!

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