Unreal DEAL!



denium shirt planter

I really don’t know a single person who doesn’t love a great sale. Personally, I get an adrenaline rush when something I had my eye on goes on sale. It’s like woo hoo and I’m looking for someone to high five, ha ha! I have to say it is a rare occasion I pay full price.

I have “full price” guidelines. I will pay full price if it’s an outfit emergency. Basically, something I need for a particular event and I’m in a time crunch with little to no time to shop for a sale. The other time I will pay full price is if it is a staple piece. What is a staple piece you ask?  Well it’s an item I will use over and over again, it will be an item I can pair with many other items.

When I really WANT something that isn’t on sale, I have a way to make myself feel less guilty. Last ditch effort I use the cost and divide method. Now I have your attention!  I take the cost of the item, for example $200.  Then I divide it by my best estimate of how many times I will wear or use this item. As an example lets just low ball the “wear or use” to 10 times, that seems reasonable. $200 divided by 10 equals $20, which is the cost of the item each time you wear or use it. Basically the item cost only $20!  Sounds good right? Gotta love the way I rationalize purchasing expensive items.

OH and by the way, this top SUPER SALE $15, drop the mic! This chambray top has it all, cold shoulder, ruffle trim, bell sleeves and it is super soft. I have worn this baby 6 times so far and I paid double. Grab yours today before they are gone!



2 thoughts on “Unreal DEAL!”

  1. Omg I do the exact same thing!! I HATE paying for full price items! I have certain items in my closet that I literally wear over and over so much I joke that I’ve MADE money off them LOL

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