Meh.. another day in the rain!


nike and joy lab

I’m smirking at this weather because it gives me the chance to slow down and regroup. My day has been filled with a great workout, reading a new book, family game time and looking forward to seeing friends for dinner. What do you do on rainy days?

Love this top; I am a sweaty mess when I am done working out. I hate when my top is sticking to me…yuck! Nike Dri Fit cotton shirts are key. I recently discovered Joy Lab and I love their athletic wear, it preforms well. A.K.A. I don’t need to stop and adjust my pants during a workout which is totally annoying!  They come in many cute patterns and styles.

How many of you wear a hat when you workout?  I have to tell the truth and I usually never wear a hat during my workouts. My hair is pulled tight in a ponytail so I can avoid it sticking to my face. For complete transparency the only reason I am wearing one in this photo is because I never wear makeup when I workout. My skin is very sensitive and if I wear makeup it just makes my skin angry! I do wear lip gloss, just so I don’t look like the walking dead.

So what is your favorite workout gear?  Do you wear makeup during your workouts?  Please let me know what works for you. Comment or email me, I would love to hear from you!

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